The Oil Age Journal


Oil and gas are finite natural resources formed in the geological past, and are subject to depletion. This is a critical subject for the world, and indeed for the survival of Homo sapiens. It remains to be seen if we will be as wise as our name implies in addressing the issue to avoid extinction, the fate of many species in the geological past when they exhausted the resources of the niche in which they lived. Every region, including West Cork, needs to prepare for the unfolding situation.

This paper presents a brief historical outline of the energy and social developments, and population, of Ireland, and then looks at the history of developments in knowledge and technology that underpin the current global status of oil and gas depletion. This analysis indicates that the World is about to enter the Second Half of its Oil Age. The implications and possible responses to this situation are then discussed, globally, for Ireland, and for West Cork.

Campbell, C. J. (2015) The Oil Age in West Cork. The Oil Age 1 (3), 1-8.

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