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This is one of the journal’s occasional pieces where we ask authors of papers in the journal to describe how and why they came to write the paper in question.

In Mason Inman’s case it stemmed from his browsing in a small bookshop in Karachi and coming across a copy of David Strahan’s The Last Oil Shock. This led to an interest in peak oil, a notion which with a bachelor’s degree in physics he says “made perfect sense”. In turn this led to Inman reading about Hubbert, whom he describes as a “a big-picture thinker who tried to put modern industrial civilization in a long-term perspective.” A post on The Oil Drum website titled “Hubbert: King of the Technocrats,” also told of Hubbert’s role in co-founding the Technocracy movement in the early 1930s.

Inman then writes: “I looked around for a biography of Hubbert, and but no one seemed to have written one … [so] I decided to try do it myself. I found that there was a lot of material to draw on … [but] writing the story of Hubbert’s life was harder than I imagined. …”

Inman, M. How I came to write The Oracle of Oil. The Oil Age 2 (2) 9-12

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