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This article is a lightly-edited version of an interview the author carried out with M. K. Hubbert at the latter’s home on March 5, 1988. It centers on Hubbert’s views and experiences in evaluating oil and gas resources of the US and in forecasting their production, and also to a lesser extent, that of oil globally. It covers, from Hubbert’s perspective, some personal and institutional obstructions and controversies surrounding his and others’ estimates. The interview also touches on a number of wider topics, including Hubbert’s views on how humankind should deal rationally with its energy supply options into the future, including nuclear and solar energy. The article includes an introduction by the author to the interview, plus some present-day reflections of its significance.

Andrews, S. (2016) The World of Oil According to Hubbert, in 1988  The Oil Age 2 (2) 13-54.

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