The Oil Age Journal

The Debate and Reality of Peak Oil in China
K. Wang, Y. Xiong, Y. Hu, X. Rui, L. Feng & Y. Bentley


China’s oil consumption has been increasing significantly during the past decades while its oil production has been growing more slowly, making the gap between domestic oil supply and demand ever larger. Peak oil, now acknowledged by a number of nations, will become inextricably an issue for China, and is likely to impact China’s national energy policy in the future. Currently debates on the peak oil issue are rare in China, and most senior Chinese officials, researchers and the general public do not recognise “peak oil” and its potential implications. This paper examines the current debate regarding peak oil among Chinese government members, industrial officials, and scholars as reported in various aspects of the media, official publications, and academic papers. Additionally, here we analyse what we see as  the facts about China’s peak oil, and we show that China is already facing its peak oil problem. Several unfortunate situations caused by the public denial of peak oil are discussed and three potential reasons of the public denial and lack of knowledge are analysed. Lastly, we discuss some actions China should take to deal with its peak oil issue.

Wang, K., Xiong, Y., Hu, Y., Rui, X., Feng, L. & Bentley, Y. (2016) The Debate and Reality of Peak Oil in China The Oil Age 2 (3) 1-22.

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