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This paper sets out briefly the background that led to my PhD research on forecasting global production of the three main fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. Also described is the extension of this research, in collaboration with a number of co-investigators, which resulted in the publication of the paper: Mohr et al. (2015), Projection of world fossil fuels by country. This led in turn to the paper by Wang et al. published in this issue of The Oil Age: Production outlook for global fossil fuel resources.

The Editor of The Oil Age suggested that background information on how these studies came about might be of interest, given that our findings on likely global fossil fuel production differ markedly from that generally assumed. In particular, we suggest that the total global production of all fossil fuels combined, under our ‘best-guess’ scenario, might reach a resource-limited production peak as early as about 2025.

Mohr, S. (2017) The Background to Our Research on the Future Production of Fossil Fuels by Country. The Oil Age 3 (2) 75-79

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