The Oil Age Journal

The Petroleum Analysis Centre (‘PAC’) is a small independent organisation run by a number of analysts and scientists, and with a part-time administrator. You can contribute to the Centre in a number of ways:

– By providing data of use to the Centre; or by checking or commenting on data already listed on the ‘PAC’ webpages.

– Financially. The Centre has no external funds and currently aims to support its activities by subscriptions to The Oil Age, and sales of individual articles from this journal. If you wish to contribute financially to the Centre this would be very welcome. In the first instance, please contact the Administrator, Noreen Dalton, at:  theoilage [at]

– By submitting an item to The Oil Age. For article manuscripts, charts or book reviews, please send a short e-mail to the Editor outlining the proposed content. Letters to the Editor, comments on articles, and corrections are welcome at any time.