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Welcome to the Oil & Data Analysis section of this website

The aim of this website is to provide understanding of past, current and future global oil supply. A key factor in this is the use of good data and good oil forecast models, and where much of the confusion over oil supply has stemmed from the use of poor data and poor models.

The first thing to know is to avoid the use of proved oil reserves, and R/P ratios.
This is discussed in this paper: The Need for Strong Caveats on Proved Oil Reserves, and on R/P Ratios by R.W. Bentley,
which is available for free download in PDF format here:  DOWNLOAD PDF

In future our aim is to include:

(a). Documents:

– A list of data sources.
– A paper on good and bad approaches to oil forecasting.
– An overview of oil forecasts, both past and present.
– A list of useful websites.
– A list of useful (and less useful!) books.

(b). Data:

– Reliable (generally oil-industry) data on global oil discovery, production, 2P reserves, reserves growth, and URR estimates.

We are always happy for feedback and corrections to this website; in the first instance please contact Noreen Dalton at: